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 devanOriginally from Winston Salem, North Carolina nineteen year old Tracy now lives in cowtown and loves to paintball, go boating, and parties. Favorite athlete happens to be Floyd Money May-weather, Tracy the man himself is Ranked #9 in all of  Northern California’s Bay area section at darts. The fanatic of “yiking”, won the “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” mock election in high school even though he falls in love easy and claims his heart is often broken easily, he uses it as leverage to bounce back even easier. On his spare time he practices Christianity is a Freemasonry and Rastafarian. But the guy really is a straight edge and doesn’t condone drinking smoking and saids the west coast really is the best coast.


bitchSubstitute teacher on his resume with a masters on Pre-Calculus, Wolfgang himself was on two full episodes of “Beyond Scared Straight” TV series at age of seventeen and only cried three times. Now eighteen year of age he likes to doodle in his notepad in hopes of one day ghost writing for Drake. Wolfgang also finds humor in relationships because he’s never been in one even though he loves the female race and finds them to be superior, in several of his interviews he has claimed “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” found to be very controversial by feminist and trump supporters.                

annas-man-1Spending the time he can flying kites and performing hot yoga, Jaret is also fluent in seven different languages, two of them in which he invented. This is the same individual who’m also was ranked #1 in Northern California for powderpuff cheer . Never the less, this really cute 2002 Chevy Tahoe driver finds himself dabbling in the finer art such as, painting, archery and under water basket weaving but has yet to forgotten his roots and mentions where he was born and raised, the city of Dixon California where he is simply known as “Tiny Weiner”.